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Shining a Light on Cancer Awareness: National Mosque and National Ecumenical Centre light up in support of World Cancer Day #CloseTheCareGap #WorldCancerDay #EquityForAll.

#WorldCancerDay. We made a statement by lighting up 2 significant monuments in Orange and Blue: The National Mosque and National Ecumenical Centre Abuja.

Every February 4, Nigeria joins the world in commemorating World Cancer Day. Raising public awareness about cancer, and calling for equitable access to quality cancer care services.

For the 2nd year in a row, the World Cancer Day is themed: #Close the Care Gap.

To commemorate the day, Medicaid Cancer Foundation lit up the National Mosque and National Ecumenical Centre in orange and blue lights starting at 7pm last night.

We call on our religious leaders to continue to lend their voices to cancer awareness and efforts to bridge the care gap. Your voices speaks to the consciousness of our nation, your voices translate to action across our public and private lives. We need you more than ever to lead the advocacy for cancer prevention, access to quality screening and treatment services in Nigeria.

We will celebrate real-world progress in its many forms and allow that momentum to fuel our fight for EQUITY. We’ll do more than spread the word—we’ll shout it from the rooftops. We’ll build stronger alliances and innovative new collaborations.

#lightupthenight #closethecaregap #worldcancerday2023 #worldcancerday #medicaidcancerfoundation #medicaid