About MCF

The Medicaid Cancer Foundation (MCF) is a vehicle created by Medicaid to support cancer patients, promote cancer awareness and drive community cancer campaigns for under served populace in Nigeria. We set out to harness more resources both financial and human to aid early screenings, diagnosis, treatment and improve the lives of those living with Cancer. Being diagnosed with Cancer is a life-altering experience for the patient and the family/caregivers. Medicaid Cancer Foundation (MCF) was conceived out of the need to create a much-needed support system for patients, families and caregivers dealing with cancer. Given the precedence at Medicaid Radio-Diagnostics where many people diagnosed with cancer are unable to raise the needed funds for treatment, and seeing the grief people dealing with cancer have to manage, founded in 2009, registered in 2012, MCF came to provide a platform where all these can be brought together and tackled with a collective and more sustainable effort. We work on cancer’s full continuum – from diagnosis to the myriad questions and answers associated with treatment and care, through the journey to full survivorship, to managing the life-changing experience for the patients, families and caregivers.

Our Vision

Our Mission is to reduce Cancer Mortality rate by increasing cancer
awareness and its preventive measures

Our Mission

To eradicate cancer and enhance
the quality of life of the people
living with cancer

Core Values

Passion, Empathy,
Consideration, Respect,
Honesty, Responsibility

Our Aim

MCF aims to provide information,
skills and resources to detect,
prevent and fight cancer

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