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Lets kick cancer out of our world

Medicaid Cancer Foundation (MCF), is a non-governmental organisation leading the fight to reduce the incidence of cancer in Nigeria. It was founded by the first lady of Kebbi State Dr. Zainab Shinkafi Bagudu years ago. MCF is recognised nationally as a result of the impact it has made with emphasis on the importance of early detection, through sponsoring screenings, diagnosis and treatment for patients.

Globally, there are a lot of breakthroughs in the fight against cancer ranging from lifestyle changes to new therapies aimed at improving the quality of life of cancer patients. The MCF also works with leading pharmaceutical companies to reduce the high-cost treatment which is a great burden to patients, their family, and the Nigerian healthcare system. All our activities are in line with the national policy on cancer control.

We achieve these by accessing donor grants and organizing fundraising events throughout the year but with more zeal in October, which is the designated cancer awareness month globally. With the support of generous sponsors, we have raised over 100million and have audited accounts yearly.

Our October involves an awareness walk against cancer in Abuja and Kebbi, and a major event (e.g. stage play, concerts, fundraiser dinner). This year, we plan to have the grand awareness walk among other activities featuring professionals from all works of life and celebrities.

To remember those who we have lost, to salute those who are survivors and to raise awareness and funds for those who are still fighting, you should volunteer.