CANCER-FIGHTING FOODS: Berries as a tasty treat

CANCER-FIGHTING FOODS: Berries as a tasty treat

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As a tasty treat, berries are hard to beat. But their juicy goodness also may make them one of the foods to fight cancer. Berries contain particularly powerful antioxidants, meaning they can halt a naturally occurring process in the body that creates free radicals that can damage your cells. Compounds in berries may also help keep cancers from growing or spreading.

Raspberries and berries in general are loaded with antioxidants, and they help to reduce the amount of free radical damage done to the body. This helps to provide anti-inflammatory support which in turn helps to prevent cancer and helps the body heal itself, stay youthful, and have more energy. All the more reason to start eating more raspberries is because they make a great addition to a smoothie. Berries are wonderful source of Vitamin C, most berries also contain antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the body from cell damage that could lead to skin cancer, as well as cancers of the bladder, lung, breast and esophagus (the tube where food travels from the throat to the stomach).

So, as part of your anti-cancer diet, pick up a handful of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, or any other favourite berries today.

In summary, studies on cancer and nutrition point to eating plant-based foods for their phytonutrients and other special compounds.

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